JavaScript: Array Alternative

Instead of using a JavaScript array, sometimes you need to use a "properties list" instead. A properties list is really a name-value pair (a.k.a. key-value pair). Here's an example of how to declare it and different ways to reference objects in the list:

var x = {color:'blue' , height:100, width: 200};
for( y in x ) {
alert( y + "=" + x[y] );
alert( x.color );
alert( x["height"] );
alert( x['width'] );

I had to post this because I recently noticed different AJAX libraries (i.e. Prototype, moo.fx, leveraging such code. It was foreign to me, so I thought others might benefit.


Drew LeSueur at: 1:04 PM said...
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Drew LeSueur at: 1:09 PM said...

thank you ... I think it was this post that, a long time ago, might have helped influenced my thinking on JavaScript.

I remember referring back to it by searching for "leveraging such code" in google

Unknown at: 2:11 PM said...

hey, drew. wow, that is great to hear. you are right, it was posted a long time ago...when all the javascript libraries that we commonly use today were just gaining momentum. i'm glad you found it helpful. *this* is why we blog, eh? thanks for the comment. take care...

Jonathan at: 5:41 AM said...

Mistake, it should be...

alert( y + "=" + x[y] );

You missed the second "+"

Unknown at: 9:21 PM said...

Thanks, Jonathan. I've updated the post with the correction.

Anonymous at: 8:26 AM said...


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